About Us: Our Mission
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Our Mission
Our mission in the Aural Rehabilitation Lab is to describe, understand, and facilitate effective communcation in people relying on listening and spoken langauge. In order to meet this goal, we conduct research with people of all ages—from infancy to adulthood—and with all levels of hearing.

Who We Are.

We are individuals with a variety of specialized training—from cognitive science to audiology to deaf education to engineering to speech-language pathology. However we all share the same desire. We want to ensure that ALL human beings have the opportunity to communicate effectively with those around them.

What We Do.

The overriding goal of the research in the Aural Rehabilitation Lab is to help establish evidence-based, holistic aural (re)habilitation and facilitate effective communication in people with and without hearing loss.

Where We Do It.

Much of our research takes place on USU’s campus in our lab located in the newly renovated Ray L. and Eloise H. Lillywhite building.