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The Team: Spring 2017
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Meet the team

Brittan Barker

Dr. Brittan Barker is the director of the Spoken Language Processing Lab at Utah State University. She holds a Ph.D. in Speech & Hearing Science and an M.S. in Cognitive Psychology from the University of Iowa. She loves learning, teaching, and talking about cognitive science…especially when it’s focused on human listening. Despite growing up in south Louisiana, since joining the faculty at USU she developed a deep love for the mountain west. So, when she’s not in the lab, you can find her out on one of the many trails in the Wasatch Valley with her family and dog.

Madison Murphy

Madison Murphy is the Spoken Language Processing Lab’s manager. She is currently an Audiology doctoral candidate in the Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education department of Utah State University. She is currently working on a project studying the effect of noise on the intelligibility among a variety of talkers. She is also working on research to understand the role of talker variability in spoken word learning by preschoolers with and without hearing loss. Following her graduate degree, Madison wants to spend her days as an audiologist in a clinical research setting.

Hannah Jones

Hannah Jones is currently pursuing her Doctorate of Audiology degree with a listening and spoken language emphasis at Utah State University. She is currently working on a clinical research project titled “Creating videos to accompany the Infant-Toddler Meaningful Auditory Integration Scale: A first step in improving intra-rater reliability”. She is also working on research to understand the role of talker variability in spoken word learning by preschoolers who use cochlear implants, along with a study to better understand the experiences of parents with children who use cochlear implants. Upon graduation she hopes to work with children who are deaf and use cochlear implants. In her spare time she enjoys skiing and hiking.

Shea Long

Shea Long is an Audiology Doctoral Candidate in her first year at Utah State University. Her research during her undergraduate career focused on children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). She is currently expanding her interests to include the expectations that individuals with hearing loss have for their hearing technologies, as well as speech intelligibility. She ultimately plans to pursue a Ph.D. and continue researching intervention methods for use with people with hearing loss.

Taylor Chafin is a Utah State University alumnus who returned to complete her Doctorate of Audiology degree. Taylor is in her first year and is currently conducting research on the effect of noise on talker intelligibility in listeners with hearing loss. Taylor wishes to pursue a career in a clinical setting.

Telesha Fricke, a Cache Valley native, recently graduated from Utah State’s undergraduate program in Communication Disorders and Deaf Education. She is thrilled to be continuing her education in Speech-Language Pathology here at USU. She’s even more excited to be pursing her Listening and Spoken Language emphasis while being involved in the Spoken Language Processing Lab. Telesha is grateful to be working with the amazing faculty and staff at USU who continuously push her in opening her mind, heart, and awareness to others. Telesha is looking forward to learning how to best serve children with hearing loss across the country and ultimately pursuing her Ph.D.

Madison Buntrock

Madison Buntrock is a junior undergraduate student at Utah State University. who volunteers as a research assistant in Dr. Barker’s Spoken Language Processing Lab. Madison also works as an undergraduate research assistant in Dr. Renee Lucero’s lab. She is a part of USU’s Honors College and is a Service Learning Scholar. Madison also volunteers at Sound Beginnings, a Listening and Spoken Language preschool for children who are deaf or hard-of-hearing), and the English Language Center, a facility to teach English to refugees. Madison plans to pursue her masters in speech-language pathology followed by a Ph.D.

Maren Ulrich

Maren Ulrich is a graduating senior in Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education at Utah State University. She appreciates the research experience and friends she made while working in the Speech Language Processing Lab. She enjoys working with the pediatric population and hopes to pursue her Speech-Language Pathology career in that direction beginning this upcoming fall.

Camilla Cox is from Ankeny, Iowa. Currently, she is a freshman at Utah State University studying Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education. She plans to pursue a graduate degree in speech-language pathology and is excited to work with the pediatric population. When she finds time for herself, she enjoys reading and embarking on small adventures. Since moving to Utah, she has picked up snow boarding and hiking.

Nicole Trusty is a freshman at Utah State University studying Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education.  She wants to earn her master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology and work with children in a clinical setting.  Nicole loves sports, traveling, and spending time with family and friends!